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Perfect for:
Perfect for walk-in copy centers or businesses who want to track copier/fax/office equipment precisely and efficiently.
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Perfect for:
Designed for hotels, airports, and anywhere with business centers, easystation makes your self-service workstations more profitable by letting your customer control the usage, but accounting for every minute.
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 Forgot your credit card? Not a problem.  Bill to room allows customers to bill charges from the easystation directly to their room.
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Three’s a crowd. Take the middleman out of the shipping process. Easy Ship lets customers print a label and send their package on its way.
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Additional Products

Automated “managed” CTR’s (computer time rental stations)
Pay-for-print printers
Pay-for-print copiers
Pay-by-time fax machines
Pay-for-print web-based laptop printing
Laptop Internet access (WiFi and RJ45)
Pay-for-print (or complimentary) boarding pass printing

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Businesses with public workstations can lose up to 25% of potential revenue by working off the honor system. Our systems let you track and bill accurately, so you can earn what you’ve got coming to you.

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