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How does easytrans make me money?

Easytrans is an intelligent system that knows the difference between black & white copies and color, page sizes, and more. If you’re currently only charging by the quantity, you’re losing out.

What do our clients think?

We are absolutely thrilled with the decision to move forward with the Easytrans product line. It has delivered on our goals of improving the customer experience and recapturing revenues we were losing due to inaccurate manual reporting. Bottomline: revenues are up and the costs for the solution covered.
- Cris Quinnell, The UPS Store®

How does the Easytrans 3000 work?

Easytrans 3000 is a small device that holds court right next to your copier/printer, enabling customers to swipe their credit card to pay for their print work.

How does the Easytrans 2000 work?

Easytrans 2000 is software that runs on your computer enabling you to track copies and charge for the total amount shown on the screen.

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