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How It Works:

Easytrans connects directly to your copier and fax machines. A customer swipes his credit card, selects services, and gets a receipt. For him, it’s a convenient, self-service workstation. For you? It’s like a built-in accountant, as Easytrans tracks usage, bills accurately, and reports in real time. Easy!

Key Benefits

  • Fully automated self-service machines - streamline customer user experience while reducing labor costs.
  • Helps reduce click charges and paper waste caused by user error.
  • Database reporting helps improve ability to manage inventory and forecast supplies.
  • Minimal maintenance and low monthly fees.

System Features

  • Identify and charge for B&W, color, multiple paper size, single and double-sided copies.
  • Includes ability to program up to 4 tiers of volume discounts.
  • Automatic detailed receipt provided to customer at transaction termination.
  • Master account cards allow
    multi-job post-payment and group billing.
  • Real time web-based database reporting system.

Case Study

Easytrans 3000 - Showcase Technology - easytrans - sc_upsstoreSITUATION
Accounting for the number of copies made and the amount of time used on computer workstations was not meeting customer expectations at The UPS Store® locations in Santa Barbara and Montecito, California. While prided on customer service and personal relationships, the “honor system” was no longer delivering the desired professional customer experience, especially that of an industry-leading international organization. Even worse, The UPS Store® was losing revenue since common charges were being understated or not accurately measured, and the stores were left being financially responsible for user-error “click” charges and misused paper. A solution that accurately counted customer product and service usages in a professional, easy-to-use user experience was clearly needed.
Showcase Technology presented two simple solutions that would meet The UPS Store® desired customer experience at an affordable, cost-proportionate level: 1) accurately count document and computer workstation services, and 2) provide real-time reporting.

Showcase Technology’s patented Easytrans product line converts copiers to a fully automated credit card, branded with The UPS Store® access card or billed copy system, designed to track, charge and report all types of copy jobs for all major brand copiers. Easytrans also turns computer time rental workstations into a robust system for guaranteeing user security,
privacy and accurate billing for time and printing. Highlights of the Easytrans solutions include:

Color and Black & White Copies: Automatically charges different amounts for color and black & white, different amounts for various paper sizes, charges for double-sided copies, and accounts for automatic volume discount levels.

Computer Time Rental (easystation): Fully secure and safe, all user usages and cookies are deleted after each session. System charges for time use, counting up, digital prints are accurately counted, and “free” areas can be set-up for visiting The UPS Store® web site and boarding pass printing.
  • Increased revenue through more accurate charging and recapturing revenue for click charges and paper waste due to user error
  • On-line, real-time reporting

Still using outdated technology?
Easytrans vs. Hecon

If you're still using outdated technology, you're letting money walk out the door.
Features Easytrans 2000 Easytrans 3000 Hecon
Accepts Credit and Debit Cards    
Accepts UPS Store Access Cards    
Online tracking of all transactions    
Counts Black & White Copies
Counts Color Copies  
Counts Duplex Copies
Counts Different Page Sizes   ✓(1)
Charges for Scan (Konica only)    
Charges for FAX    ✓(2)  
Cross ship Maintanence Plan  
Unlimited Access Card transactions at a flat rate    
Fully Automated Self-Service    
Automatic Volume Pricing     
Printed Receipt at end of Transactions    
Access Cards Allow for Group Billing    
24/7 Help Desk Support  
1Some restrictions with B&W copies.
2Available as an upgrade.

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What do our clients think?

Easytrans 3000 - Showcase Technology - easytrans - sc_quoteWe are absolutely thrilled with the decision to move forward with the Easytrans product line. It has delivered on our goals of improving the customer experience and recapturing revenues we were losing due to inaccurate manual reporting. Bottomline: revenues are up and the costs for the solution covered.
- Cris Quinnell, The UPS Store®
Easytrans 3000 - Showcase Technology - easytrans - sc_quoteSince implementing Showcase business' services in our hotel lobby the guests have been able to fullfill their business needs at their leisure.  Being able to access the business services on a 24 hour basis is essential to our hotel guests and the help desk is always available to provide support to our guests regarding their services.  The positive feedback we have received has been a testament to this.
- Jill Severs, Eaton Chelsea Hotel
Easytrans 3000 - Showcase Technology - easytrans - sc_quoteWe are very pleased with the service and product offered by Showcase Technology.  The easytrans™ system is very easy to use and saves a great deal of labor and waste in our walk-up copy business.  I would highly recommend the easytrans™ system to any store with high copy volume looking to economize on labor expenses.  Additionally the software support has been first rate.  They have been quick to attend to every issue that has arisen with the installation and startup, and have been willing to work with us to customize the system to our center's needs.  I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our experience with the Showcase easytrans™ system.
- Phil Clark, The UPS Store®