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How It Works:

Easystation software installs on your workstations to capture computer usage. Customers use their credit card to start, then sign off when they’re done (safely and securely). We clear their activity, and you get paid for every minute.
Easystation software currently runs on more than 23,000 guest access computer systems in 83 countries.

Key Benefits

  • Security and user interface greatly enhance user confidence and experience.
  • Intuitive platform allows computer workstation to be fully self-service.
  • Automated billing is accurate and objective eliminating any potential under reporting of usage time or printing.
  • Software requires minimal maintenance and comes with low monthly fee options.

System Features

  • Secure platform shell ensures users can't alter system settings.
  • Configuration allows for paid or free user services such as internet, applications, copying, printing, faxing and scanning.
  • User data and privacy is protected by automatic system restart at conclusion of user session.
  • Remote monitoring allows administrator to track all usage, including time, printing, applications and websites.

Case Study

How it Works - Showcase Technology - easystation - sc_upsstoreSITUATION
Accounting for the amount of time used on computer workstations was not meeting customer expectations at The UPS Store® locations in Santa Barbara and Montecito, California. While prided on customer service and personal relationships, the “honor system” was no longer delivering the desired professional customer experience, especially that of an industry-leading international organization. A solution that accurately counted customer product and service usages in a professional, easy-to-use user experience was clearly needed.
Showcase Technology presented a simple solution that would meet The UPS Store® desired customer experience at an affordable, cost-proportionate level: 1) accurately track computer workstation services, and 2) provide real-time reporting.

Easystation also turns computer time rental workstations into a robust system for guaranteeing user security,
privacy and accurate billing for time and printing.
Computer Time Rental: Fully secure and safe, all user usages and cookies are deleted after each session. System charges for time use, counting up, digital prints are accurately counted, and “free” areas can be set-up for visiting The UPS Store® web site and boarding pass printing.
  • Increased revenue through more accurate charging
  • On-line, real-time reporting

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Setup is a breeze

Support is there to guide you through the entire process.
  1. Get Started Today
  2. Software is shipped directly to your location
  3. Pop in the CD and follow the onscreen instructions for quick setup

What do our clients think?

How it Works - Showcase Technology - easystation - sc_quoteSince implementing Showcase business' services in our hotel lobby the guests have been able to fullfill their business needs at their leisure. Being able to access the business services on a 24 hour basis is essential to our hotel guests and the help desk is always available to provide support to our guests regarding their services. The positive feedback we have received has been a testament to this.
- Jill Severs, Eaton Chelsea Hotel
How it Works - Showcase Technology - easystation - sc_quoteWe are absolutely thrilled with the decision to move forward with the Easystation product line. It has delivered on our goals of improving the customer experience and recapturing revenues we were losing due to inaccurate manual reporting. Bottomline: revenues are up and the costs for the solution covered.
- Cris Quinnell, The UPS Store®
How it Works - Showcase Technology - easystation - sc_quoteUsing Showcase's Bill to Room feature we were able to increase our revenue by over 50%, if you are in a hotel special venue you simply must have it!
- Jim Miller, The UPS Store®