How It Works:

Easyprint™ simply and accurately counts and charges for each sheet of paper that is outputted from your printing device.  This solution enables the user to securely submit their print jobs from mobile devices or campus computers to any print queue that is configured on and managed by a remote Easyprint™ queue server.  The submitted print jobs remain held on the queue server until the users can identify them, pay for them, and release them.
EasyPrint - Showcase - easyprint_workflow
The easyprint print release screen is accessed from a touchscreen panel located on the printer.
easyprint is available on multiple Printers and MDFs, including Xerox, Konica, Ricoh, HP, Dell, Samsung and others. This solution enables the user to securely upload documents from mobile devices or campus computers, and release with their Student ID Card, access cards, and credit cards.

Students are able to:

  • Pay-for-print
  • Pay-for-copy
  • Pay-for-scan

MFD Integration
Easyprint is also integrated into select multi-function devices and the solution enables the user to access the easyprint technology directly from the MFD touchscreen panel.


Key Benefits

  • Patrons can print from public workstations or from mobile devices wirelessly
  • Software accurately tracks payments and print activity
  • Automated billing is accurate and objective eliminating any potential under reporting of print, copy and scan
  • Patrons can securely authenticate with Student ID, access, or credit cards, and use optional security codes
  • Software requires minimal maintenance and comes with multiple investment options
  • System offers public library print and copy access using cash, credit or access card

System Features

  • Secure platform shell ensures users cannot alter system settings
  • Patrons can send multiple print jobs, pay and release, and eliminate multiple trips
  • Remote monitoring allows administrator to set quotas and track all payments, printer and copier activity, and material usage
  • Showcase is PCI Compliant and integrated with Campus Card systems,, Merchant Link, Chase Paymentech, Visa, MasterCard, and others
  • Point to Point encryption (P2Pe) offers an additional layer of security encrypting data at the point of card swipe

Case Study

EasyPrint - Showcase - sc_uscUniversity of Southern California (USC)


In 2008, USC's printer and copier services within the Law Library were not up to USC's high standards. The service utilized pre-paid cards that had a high potential for fraud.
Showcase was engaged to provide a more effective turnkey solution that now enables the Law Library to issue custom-labeled copy cards to students that support pre-loaded values for use on the Xerox print and copy machines.  The hard plastic cards do not actually store monetary value but instead interface with redundant online databases to debit/credit their respective balances.  Students may revalue their student cards with a credit card 24 hours/day via a secure website.   As part of the USC Law Library solution, Showcase implemented a unique revenue share financial model. Under this model, the equipment expense, installation, and ongoing maintenance were borne by Showcase, and USC Law Library had limited initial investment. The ongoing print and copy revenue is shared between USC and Showcase Technology. Today, and In partnership with Xerox, the Showcase solution is now expanded and installed in buildings across the USC campus on Xerox MFD's. Students can route their documents and release from over 70 devices using their USCard Student I.D. Students upload their documents to a URL from any mobile device from anywhere, or from a lab computer on campus. They can also email their documents to the Xerox MFD devices, as well as alternative printer devices. The documents are resident at the MFD and can be released and printed immediately with their student ID or access card. No more waiting in line for large documents to be downloaded from the Internet. Credit cards can also be used by visitors to copy and print documents (credit card use is not currently approved on campus). The student account is automatically charged for the printing and copying, and funds can be replenished through the USCard Student ID system. For additional security, pass-codes are also used at some of the schools. USC is now minimizing waste and recovering the full cost and more, and offering an extraordinary student experience and service to the university. In Athletics, where athletes are provided complimentary printing, the system is saving millions of prints and reducing toner waste with the use of Showcase print release technology. Showcase also works with other Student ID platform providers,, Merchant Link, Chase Paymentech, Visa, MasterCard, etc.


Setup is a breeze

Showcase will work to develop a seamless installation process that maximizes uptime and convenience.
  1. Get Started Today
  2. Showcase will work with your team to coordinate communications, timelines, and address departmental needs
  3. Showcase Professionals will arrive on site to configure, install and test solution
  4. Your team will be educated and trained on the system and Showcase will provide ongoing support


EasyPrint - Showcase - sc_quoteShowcase offered the capability and resources to help the USC Law Library develop an innovative, streamlined print and copy program that provides the service and reliability that our faculty and staff deserve. We have been very pleased working with easyprint at USC for we are printing almost 2,000,000 prints per year. It has delivered on our goals of improving our student's experience and recapturing revenues we were losing. Bottomline: Revenues are up and the cost for the solution covered.
- Raymond Flores, Associate Dean USC Law School

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