How It Works:

Bill to room allows you to easily bill guests during their hotel stay.  Guests will use the easystation inside your location and input their room number and last name on the computer.  Once they have entered this information the computer will verify it with the hotel records and upon authentication guests will be given access to the computer.  Once the guest completes their session they will sign off and the charges will be charged directly to the guest's room.  This will be conveniently included in the guest's bill at the time of hotel checkout.
Bill to room can increase the revenue in your hotel's business center by 50% or more!

Key Benefits

  • Allows guests to start a session without exposing a credit card (sense of security).
  • Computer use charges are conveniently included in the guest's bill at the time of hotel checkout.
  • Can be used to restrict computer access to hotel guests only (by providing a valid room # and last name).
  • Works in conjunction with credit cards and access cards.

System Features

  • Supports all major hotel brands with OPERA property management system.
  • Real-time reporting.

  • Audit Data.

System Requirements

  • Secure access to hotel PMS system.

  • Showcase Easystation computer.

What do our clients think?

Bill to Room - Showcase - sc_quoteUsing Showcases Bill-to-Room feature we were able to increase our revenue by 50%, if you are in a hotel special venue you simply must have it."
- Jim Miller, The UPS Store®





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