Executive Profiles

Our Company - Showcase - sc_paulPaul Rajewski – President and CEO
In 1985, Rajewski founded Access MicroSystems, Inc., a personal computer dealership, whereby it grew to six MicroAge franchises and $80M in annual sales. In 1988 and 1993, his company was awarded MicroAge " Franchise of the year" and "Franchisee of the year" respectively. Rajewski also served as Chairman of the MicroAge Dealer Council as well as on Compaq’s and Apple’s Dealer Advisory Councils.

In 1997, Rajewski successfully sold Access Microsystems, Inc.

In 1999, Rajewski founded and sold During his tenure, he rose venture capital funding, built Internet commerce site, grew company to 30 employees, and increased revenue to $2M annualized.
In 1999, Rajewski founded Pinnacle Capital. The company invests in numerous startups, including Starzent (optional storage), (online health insurance), Neptune Networks (Airport Kiosks), and (online printing service).
Founded Showcase Business Centers, Inc. in 2001.

Our History

Founded by entrepreneur Paul Rajewski, Showcase Technology has been a leader in providing secure, centrally managed, complimentary-use and pay-for-use computer systems, printers, copiers and fax machines to the hospitality marketplace. Reliable products and a serious commitment to customer service are the foundation from which the company has grown.

Showcase is headquartered in Torrance, California at 19815 Hamilton Avenue, Torrance, CA. 90502.

Showcase currently has a network of over 1000 automated computer, copier and fax systems throughout hotels located across the United States and Canada. Showcase also offers high-speed Internet service at approximately 200 kiosk stations installed throughout 14 major United States airports.